Advisory Boards

Off-Campus Advisory Board

  • Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology and Humanities, Director, Center for Theory, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Matthew Allen, Associate Professor, Internet Studies, Curtin University of Technology
  • Geoffrey C. Bowker, Professor and Senior Scholar in Cyberscholarship, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
  • Phil Graham, Director, Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology
  • Jean-Claude Guédon, Professor of Comparative Literature, Université de Montréal
  • Jeremy Hunsinger, Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Brent Jesiek, Assistant Professor, Purdue University
  • Steve Jones, Professor of Communication, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Brian Opie, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Sue Thomas, Professor of New Media in the School of Media and Cultural Production, Faculty of Humanities, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

On-Campus Advisory Board

  • Charles F. Bostian, Clayton Ayre Professor of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • John K. Burton, Professor and Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Resources
  • Edward Fox, Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering
  • Paul Knox, Dean, College of Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Peter Macedo, Director of Distance Learning and Summer Sessions
  • Gail McMillian, Director, Digital Libraries and Archives Project, University Library
  • Anne Moore, Associate Vice President for Learning Technologies and Director of Information Technology Initiatives
  • John Moore, Director, Educational Technologies
  • Daniel Mosser, Director, Center for Applied Technologies in the Humanities


  • Timothy W. Luke
  • and

  • Jeremy W. Hunsinger


  • Josette Torres