Staked out and labeled, drifting in the wind: Sword Fern, Evergreen Huckleberry, Oregon Grape...gang graffiti sprayed across the whitewashed wall behind which a Sasquatch digs.

We'll see if anything
grows        a woman

Unpreserved, unsweetened, unpackaged, unlabled, science gets dirtied by its object. Lets itself be contaminated by it. The object fails to keep its distance, abandons its reserve, farms and ranches offering what critics call 'canned hunts' springing up across the country. For zoos, circuses and animal farms, the ranches can provide a convenient and often profitable way to dispose of surplus animals overflowing onto the page which describes it.
I say 'Flower' and it appears. Things occur in the very place where
worms curl on her tongue, ants circle, seeds re-


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