Reflections     trolley window
           hospital emergency entrance,
         wheels beneath,
                                automobiles flowing
                                              opposite direction

Moon in puddles on construction sites, orange lights, white lights, globular lights mounted on antique posts, between objects which are real and objects which exist. In this usage, God is real for Christians whether or not he exists. The methodological agnosticism here being used is, then, we should examine the full context within which the creature is seen, rather than continue to dwell almost exclusively in what is seen, on the object as agnosticism about the existence or otherwise of the main foci of the belief system in question. It is worth noting a complication. I am not denying that the existent things can be treated as unreal, just as hi-intensity parking lot lights radiant as rectangular suns, yellow, lights, glowing headlights, interior of a lonely lobby, a closed shop's protective lights.

This lighted wilderness
more dangerous
than where darkness
stands guard.


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