The Lewis & Clark Trail terminates at Seaside, Oregon, a tourist town, with hotels fringing the beach the carvings at Nämforsen are not located in the social space of everyday existence but in a ceremonial and cosmological space characterized by unexpected links, strange figures, and complex undisplaced associations, the banging of construction blots out the sea's charming song

When Sasquach goes swimming he comes out curly...

I sit on a driftwood log hatching the eggs of carpenter ants, breathing dense saline air of an ocean once sailed, having seen that over this horizon is loop of horizons.

Planted in sand,
a scrawny feather
dances to my touch.

Walking back, past stores of saltwater taffee, confections, t-shirts, picture postcards, a carousel, I cross an Italian-looking bridge arched over a canal thinking of Odysseus, that bear of a man who, cast upon a tumultuous sea—

                                                            to another life.

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