the carvings: C. Tilley, Material Culture and Text. London, 1991. "(Nämforsen), by the way, is now completely destroyed by the construction of an enormous power plant, the river most of the year is dry and resembles a building site, only a few of the carvings are painted in, some inaccurately, the rest scarcely visible. In case you are interested, it is scarcely worth visiting today and an immense disappointment." Ibid.

Italian-looking: Samuel Butler felt that Homer's Odyssey was written centuries after the Iliad in Sicily, as we find in it a "large a number of local details, taken so exclusively and so faithfully from a single Sicilian town as to warrant the belief that the writer must have lived and written there..." S. Butler, The Authoress of the Odyssey. Chicago, Ill., 1967.p.1.

that bear:

Twelve species north of Mexico
Sucking their paws in the long winter
Tearing the high-strung caches down
Whining, crying, jacking off
(Odysseus was a bear)
G. Snyder. From, Myths & Texts.
New York, 1960. p.24.