What is the human: "Supposing that humanity were defined as Homo loquens, a natural kind including all animals with language and speech, we would have to admit the possibility both of individuals of human parentage 'dropping out' of humankind, and of individuals of non-human parentage 'coming in.'" T. Ingold, "Introduction." In, T. Ingold, Editor, What Is An Animal? London, 1988. p.3.

to understand: P.C. van Wyck, Primitives in the Wilderness. Albany, NY., 1997. p.91. Structures that evolved into their present use "such as the human larynx and supralaryngeal vocal apparatus" were not necessarily originally used for their present purpose. The feathers of birds, for example, were not first used for flying but for adaption to climatic conditions.

dog prancing: "Dogs are universally reported to be terrified when in the vicinity of a sasquatch. This has long been noted by the major writers, and I have run across dozens of such reports myself. Often in these encounters no one actually saw the sasquatch, but from sounds, smell, footprints, and/or other evidence the people were sure that one of the creatures was nearby."  G. S. Krantz, Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence. Blaine, WA., 1999. p.136.

auguring rain:

You say you suffer.
If you do suffer,
when it rains,
you'd better stay in the woods of bamboo & oak
          (You get your hair cut)
Yes, stay in the blue woods of bamboo & oak
         (You get your hair cut.
         Because you've got hair like that
         you think things like that)
K. Muyazawa, "Bamboo and Oak." In, H. Sato, Translator,
A Future of Ice: Poems and Stories of a Japanese Buddhist.
San Francisco, CA., 1989. p. 80.