As bulbous clouds threaten to release agnatic bolts of rain, an alarm clock signals a sudden change in the weather. Trees that blossomed last week wonder whether they bloomed too soon. Bleary-eyed, stretching, breathing into the void, just when one's world seems to be settled, something rumbles in the belly.

Ancient traditions, frozen over countless generations, suddenly thaw. A taut bind snaps. Sasquatch wakes. Hungry and disoriented, remembering was figured as a "silva" or woods, and Aristotle characterizes the use of topics as hunting for arguments where they are to be found, just as one looks for animals in the woods. Wasn't it Aristotle who said his keen nose sends him to a high pasture,
a clearing where an animal's waiting.

Mind is the wilderness in which Sasquatch lives and works. Jabs had the Holocaust and the notion of the Book, the Word that is rarely damaged due to its position in the head. When damaged, the occipital lobe may cause changes in sight and perception. When one side of the occipital lobe is damaged, sight is lost in both eyes even though only one side of the occipital lobe is damaged. Lesions in the occipital lobe can cause particularly interesting side effects. One of the strangest is God.

Great art comes from great
suffering, though not
necessarily by the artist.


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