warns me: "Over Europe and Asia, in indeed, most of the world, the owl is, and has long been, a bird of witchcraft, death and doom. The Chinese refer to it as 'the bird which snatches away the soul' and that it sometimes calls, 'Digging the grave!'" E.A. Armstrong, The Folklore of Birds. New York, 1970. p.113.

that great bear:

Twelve species north of Mexico
Sucking their paws in the long winter
Tearing the high-strung caches down
Whining, crying, jacking off
(Odysseus was a bear)

From, G. Snyder, "this poem is for bear."
In, Myths & Texts. New York, 1978.

told me: "The description he gave me of the Kapre basically fit the Bigfoot/Sasquatch in North America with the exception, the Kapre is said to be of a greater height and shoulder mass. According to my source...it is bigger all round than the creature of the Pacific Northwest. He went on to say this region they called Laguna is a province in the Philippines." http://www.n2.net/prey/bigfoot/creatures/kapre.htm.