a broken circle: The Moon Door is round, but the City thought it too dangerous, and wheelchairs couldn't get through. Yet the sense of it remains whole. Moon is the Goddess who "can be detected by her perfume; she is tremulously white, like bleached silk, like a white lotus, like soft moonlight, like drifting snow" (E.H. Schafer, The Divine Woman. San Francisco, CA., 1990. p.113)- The full moon is also a symbol of enlightenment. Like a door, we pass through our realizations, making them real in the act.

"The circle is the oldest, most universal symbol of Deity, from the stationary disc representing the Sun God, to the great turning Wheel of the Universe, representing both the Creator and the Created, where everything in the Cosmos finds its appointed place. This is the greatest of Amerindian Mandalas, corresponding to the Hindu Mandala...The Mexican Great Calendar Stone, the Egyptian Lotus, the Alchemists' Flower of Gold, Dante's Mystical Rose, the Zodiacal Circle, the Round Table of the Arthurian Knights, and the Great Medicine Wheel of the Indians represent the same truths." E. Eaton, Snowy Earth Comes Gliding. Independence, CA., 1974.

skein of tranquility: Designed in the style of gardens in Suzhou, China, "The Garden of Awakening Orchids" grows in the middle of downtown Portland, Oregon. Like so many of the Chinese Arts, the design of this garden is among the oldest in the world, dating back to at least the Song dynasty
(960-1279 AD) which was the golden age of Chinese garden design.

What Am I waiting for: P. Whalen. From, "A Vision of the Bodhisattvas."

turned into: H. Morphy, "Landscape and the Reproduction of the Ancestral Past." In, E. Hirsh and M. O'Hanlon, eds., The Anthropology of Landscape. Oxford, England, 1995. p.188. "Through the Aboriginal culture one can become sensitive to the idea that each earthly place has its own creative force or Dreaming energy which spawns the creatures of that region." R. Lawlor, "Dreaming the Beginning." Parabola Summer 1993. pp-11-18.

Aboriginal Dreaming: A Pacific Northwest cognate to the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime: "Neither fully animal nor human nor spirit nor fixed in time or space, these Animal People were protean, with many simultaneous attributes that only got sorted out when the world changed or 'capsized' in preparation for the arrival of modern humans. As the Epic Age came to a close, each being assumed a single form and became associated with a particular location. Many transformed into particular landmarks where they exist as aspects of geography, unusual acoustics, or appearance. Others became species of plants or animals occupying particular ecological niches. For most natives, the Epic Age continued for countless eons until a sudden flurry of activity prepared for the change, set off by rumors that human people were coming soon." J. Miller and V. Hilbert, "Lushootseed Animal People: Mediation and Transformation from Myth to History." In, A. James Arnold, Editor, Monsters, Tricksters and Sacred Cows. Charlottesville, VA., 1996. p.138.

Sasquatch waits: "China's version of Bigfoot has been spotted again, and this time it may have left a urine sample. Six people, one a radio reporter, say they saw the 'mythical ape-like animal' in central China's Shennongjia Nature Reserve, the official Xinhua News Agency said today. Xinhua referred to it as a 'Bigfoot,' after the legendary North American ape-man. More than 100 sightings of the creature have been reported in Shennongjia in the forested mountains of Hubei province about 1,200 kilometres southwest of Beijing. The latest witnesses were in a Jeep on a mountain road yesterday when they saw the grey creature moving quickly away from the road, Xinhua reported. It said the creature was about 1.65 metres tall and had shoulder-length black hair. The witnesses found several footprints 30 centimetres long, freshly broken branches and a 'three-metre-long patch of foul-smelling urine-like liquid,' Xinhua said." Associated Press. Beijing. 30 June 03.