Reeking of tobacco: "Nicotiana (tobacco) is a genus of 21 to 67 species of perennial herbs and shrubs, including many subspecies, strains and cultivars, characterized by large fleshy leaves and numerous sticky hairs. Various species are used as ornamentals, insecticides, and for smoking. Mapacho is considered very sacred by Amazonian shamans and is employed alone (by tabaqueros) or in combination with other plants in shamanic practices. Some shamans drink the juice of tobacco leaves alone as a source of visions. Mapacho is used extensively in healing practices and is considered a medicine, not a health hazard, when used properly."

the bear: P. Shepard, "The Ark of the Mind." Parabola Spring 1982. "Some possible explanations for the rank smell are scent glands, carrion eating and unclean personal habits, and perhaps more than one source is responsible. If this is a generated scent, at least in part, it would help to explain why the smell is noted by only some observers. The scent may be excluded at will, or automatically in response to particular circumstances. On the other hand the nature of the odor is very much unlike that of any other mammalian scent (except for a bear in rut)." G.S. Krantz, Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence. Blaine, WA., 1999. pp.135-6.

red hair: "The Florida Skunk Ape gets its name from the very fact that it lives in the state of Florida and that it emits an awful stench. People who have the pleasure of experiencing this smell have described it as that of an elephants cage, or a trash dump." Witnesses claim the Florida Skunk Ape to be a red-haired Bigfoot.