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synchronicity: "The uniqueness of (C.G.) Jung's perception concerning the nature of synchronicity has in a way served to blind us to the simple reality of his theory. If I am present to a moment of synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence in which inner and outer worlds correspond, I am then contained in something different from the everyday world of consciousness. Henry Corbin puts us on to the situation in greater detail:

"Spiritual [i.e. archetypal or imaginal] bodies or entities are not in any world, nor in their world, in the same manner as a material body is in its place or may be contained in another body. On the contrary, their world is in them...Of course, all these entities subsist independently of each other. Nonetheless, all exist simultaneously and each is contained in the other." C. Poncé, Working the Soul: Reflections on Jungian Psychology; H. Corbin, Mundus Imaginalis or the Imaginary and the Imaginal. Spring 1972. p.10.