South Jetty, North Mouth of the Columbia River. As if coughing, a shifting wind hides its face in the low hill's meager grass. The only structures are an outhouse--the horror of its hole, vile odors roofed in--and a lookout tower on which a spirit being appears as flesh, and unites

with a mortal woman, and their two seeds join--the sperm of the male and the egg of the female. This was a union which God had forbidden--for good reason. The offspring which resulted, were

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not only proud, insolent, arrogant, and self-centered--they were also extremely cunning in some cases--and they were sometimes gigantic in stature!
They disrupted the entire ecology and

balance of life of the world before tourists become far-seeing. Along the shore, rotting pilings support nothing now: rusty spikes jut up from where a crown of leaves would be.

Sitting on a dark boulder's precarious angle, a field of stones carried here by "men of renown," whose imagination matched their size, I eat lunch watching a flock of gulls tilt over pearly Pacific shallows, sandpipers patrolling the shore for what may float in.


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