galaxies churning: "Although we expect our abstract ideas to need constant clarifying and defining, we become agitated when the creatures seem not to fit the taxonomic system. Such incompatible animals shock us. The degree of our upset indicates that something more is disturbed than the plan of animal classification. Exceptions to the system threaten not only the animal order but our basic model for order; more than that, these anomalies signify intrusion, some active principle of derangement and tumult, alarming forces of disorder and evil, much worse than flawed classification." P. Shepard, Thinking Animals. New York, 1978. p.76.

the Other: S.W. Laycock, "The Animal as Animal: A Plea for Open Conceptuality." In, H. Peter Stevens, Editor, Animal Others: On Ethics, Ontology, and Animal Life. Albany, NY., 1999. p.280. "The animal katsinas represent the animal spirits. Whether one bear katsina or several appear, the function is still the same. Animal spirits or the animal people of the spirit world are thought of as 'acting human', for lack of a better phrase. Indeed, it is felt that they are able to doff their fur or feathers like so much clothing." M.T. Bahti, "Animals in Hopi Duality." In, R. Willis, Editor, Signifying Animals: Human Meaning in the Natural World. London, 1990. p.135.