Dreams will focus less on lacunae, gaps, revisions, redundancies, all that contributes to the initial process of composition and belongs to the pages of 'studies,' than explode in a hungry Sasquatch grooming bugs and twigs from her thick pelt by a creek.

mask.jpg (8609 bytes) Bits of feathers, flecks
of blood round the mouth,
an unnamed stranger grabs
handfuls of blueberries,
wilderness a basket
on rougher ground.

Facing a multitude of others, one does not know what it means until it's too late. On the other side, someone searches for me in the wrong direction. Even as I calculate my next step religion advances triumphantly over the decomposition of the sacred. It separates from its turgid ambiguity the covenant from the taboos, the celestial order from the intoxication with spilt blood, milk and semen, the sublime from the excremental. Its intelligence separates a celestial and divine order to become human, the thrill of anticipation vaults synapses that touch, but don't embrace.

Brain size is calculated by the wisdom
of the female pelvis, which, millennia
ago, said, "There's plenty of space,
and too much folly."


feet-pa.jpg (1268 bytes) feet-pb.jpg (1427 bytes)