Even though winter is near, sleep hasn't yet arrived. Already the frenzy of holiday shopping has begun. Not to be left out, the animal does not have enough world, to be sure. But this lack is not to be evaluated as a quantitative relation to the entities of the world. It is not that I own only one toothbrush, but bought two tubes of toothpaste.

What can be learned from a bear feasting on salmon returning to spawn? "Birds picked over the carcass, then bugs took their turn."

I dream of two women. One has 15 children, and plans on having more.

She has become a neurotic parody of the Earth Goddess: her womb is void of her self. There is also a woman, self-contained. She moves like a dancer creating a vision of her own steps.

I arrive home.
Both women
are waiting at
the door.

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