the lips: "John Green's Interview with Bob Gimlin" (1992) "Hair is absent on the palms and soles, and it appears to be quite short on the backs of the hands, upper foot, and most of the face. They do not have the bare patch on the chest like gorillas, nor anywhere else on the body, which is reasonable considering their temperate-climate habitat. A few people claim to have seen rather longer hair on parts of the gead and/or neck." G.S. Krantz, Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence. Blaine, WA., 1999. p.148.

metallic spirit: "in Italian folklore the spot in the earth where a mushroom appears indicates a specific metallic body below, i.e., the planetary figures or archetypal bodies of the underworld. Freud...reverted to the mushroom as an image for the mystery of the origin of dreams." J. Hillman, The Dream and the Underworld. New York, 1979. p.172.

that sort of pure space: R.M. Rilke. From, Duino Elegies "Eight Elegy." W.H. Glass, Translator. "If these volatile images own something of their quality to the nature of the 'canvas' and the lighting of the caves, they also offer the really insoluble problem of what the artist and his 'audience' saw: not the image on the retina but the image in the mind. The limitations of our experience impose a barrier beyond any incidental differences of lighting and modes of approach. Our visual memories and everything that makes up our mental bias leave us incapable of seeing what they saw." N.K. Sandars, Prehistoric Art in Europe. Baltimore, MD., 1968. p.69.