Lifting an iron spar unbalanced over tunnels of pain, a yellow crane dips its neck above rotting lintels carved lovingly with dragons by a man named Ming-chao.

Is a city one threshold poured
over another with ghosts
shrouding the monotony
of its plans?

Thoreau's cabin was a few miles from town, there was no getting away. Big leaves lay flat on chthonic ground, gold strained into thin brown parchment. With the creek's throat no longer dry, Rabbi Bunman of Pshiskhe wrote a book entitled The Book of Man; it was meant to include everything concerning life and man, history and faith, past and future, a grandiose project whose stunning aspect was that Sasquatch walks past landmarks naming what's already named: Avebury Rock, Vagina Tree, Old Stone House, Wailing Wall....knees lift thousands of salmon

teeming leaping,
return home with
a single-mind,
of bald eagle, sea lion,
and fishes, upriver and
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