the bridge: “In Zoroastrian tradition, it was known as the Chinvato Peretu, the Bridge of the Separation; in Western vision literature, it generally takes the form of a bridge to a purgatorial experience. No one who returned from a NDE (Near Death Experience) had ever seen what was on the other side of the bridge. It was the point of no return. Crossing it meant leaving your old life forever behind.” W.M. Valtos, La Magdalena. Charlottesville, VA., 2002. p.285.

all theism: H. Atlan, "Niveaux de signification et athéisme de l'écriture." In, Le Bible au présent. Paris, 1982. The full statement reads: "All theism is idolatry, since expression signifies it, thereby freezing it; except if, somehow, its discourse refutes itself and so becomes atheistic. In other words, the paradoxes of language and its meanings are such that the only discourse possible about God which is not idolatrous is an atheistic discourse. Or: in any discourse the only God that is not an idol is a God who is not God."

slippage: "The interpreter experiences things by caressing, never seizing anything, he allows himself to be carried, negatively and infinitely, from one meaning to another, so that if one had to locate (in the Text) a center, an origin of meaning, a god that gives the meaning, one would find it only in the void, empty of language, the 'blanks of writing.'" M-A Ouaknin, The Burnt Book: Reading the Talmud. Princeton, NJ., 1996. p.64.

notebook: Sasquatch keeps a journal which in winter, page by page, he burns for warmth. The Rabbi lectures on the Burning Bush. The Philosopher says, "Thus...." The Zen Master already knows this story. Sasquatch warms his hands.