Someone is offering $10.00 to anyone who can play the piano without any rhythm or tune. Failing at the challenge, a man is playing a melody, enjoying himself. i step up to the keyboard, which is covered with a sheet of ice beginning to crack, and flail at the keys....

I awake to thinking how organized sounds entrain the brain, coaxing neurons to flutter like a butterfly, or how a bear dances, and how there is nothing surprising about this: the crude attempts of that lost creature, man, could not cover more than a tiny part of the aesthetics of the universe. No matter what image an artist invents, our perception of drawing will focus less on lacunae, gaps, revisions, redundancies, all that contributes to the initial process of composition and belongs to the pages of ‘studies,’ than on the almost imperceptible outline of the work, on semi-erasures, the partial concealments of a face or a shoulder, the very gradual displacement of a motif in the space of the page no matter how distorted, arbitrary, absurd, simple, elaborate, or tortured myriad beings respond to the modalities of art.

Sasquatch lifts
his feet
the earth
smiles as the wind
picks up
his beat.


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