Stacking slats of wood slap as a truck the length of a train gets stuck turning into a narrow street; an SUV becomes a mammoth trapped, its bones bequeathed to biologists beginning now, as the motorcycle behind it roars.

On the coffeehouse porch,
a brace of flowers drinks
from a bottle of Perrier.

Someone is banging on Picasso's door. The artist appears in shorts and a jovial mood, taking his guest as another pet for his menagerie. But this ape found that the gray matter contained neural representations of all the different body parts. Ape ears, feet, skin, hands, were all richly represented in the ape brain in a series of neural etchings, like a map. Researchers also realized that when a person loses a limb--say, the right arm--this portion tips the mind to see down a different path.

"Come Pablo, fetch your leash, I'll take you for a walk."
"Good boy," Sasquatch grunts, patting the famous head.
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