In your language I will answer your questions. What is my name? It's not Sasquatch, or any of those you've given me, Bigfoot the most insulting. Your naming doesn't justify me. Like Adam, who you named too, as to whether I exist, exist in relation to who? Ah, you.
How big am I? Do you recall, "a picture of terrifying old men / so large they broke the backs of bears."?  I do live   blowing pigment dissolved in saliva on the wall. Spitting is a way of projecting yourself onto the wall...Perhaps the shamans did this as a way
a long prosperous life, with scant time
the main technique of Cro-Magnon art involved not brushes but a kind of oral spray-painting....
  to avoid you. Why do I hide? Why do you build zoos? Why do you breed pets? Why are you hunting me?

         Sasquatch growls, laughs,
if there is any
                  substitute for love

                                 silence again.

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