How different we are from ourselves! It's a question of embodiment, the pressure of having an identity. The identity has holes, maybe when you look around and do an inspection there is no roof, nothing but ontological tarpaper and plastic sheeting, so you start blowing (pneuma) and working to make a shadow with hands, and heavy steps quick to shift direction.

One kind had a foot
which was thick and big,
he ran swiftly
like an animal in the woods.

Similitudiens hominis, "a man-like creature" whistles as to perceive spiritual entities:

an extra-retinal vision,
as one might say, which permits him to see not only very far,
but in all directions at once,
and finally reveals to him
the presence of spiritual beings,
or unveils to him the ultimate structure of matter, and
the creek laps his muddy feet.


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