He was a Sasquatchian creature, vile at heart and adept at fooling people of his virtue.
It was evening. I went to my assigned room. I don't remember if I had left the door un-
locked or opened it when someone knocked; but there he was, standing in the door-
way, smiling malevolently, pure evil blocking out the light.

As he approached I felt completely vulnerable and desperately yelled, Help! Help!,
hoping someone would hear me across the narrow hallway. Totally immersed in
fear and anxiety, a crack appeared in the ceiling, and I floated up to my bedroom,
where I was no longer yelling, but shivering.

The Old Ones knew that The People had come to the Blue World after a long struggle.
What they forgot was that dreams and visions show a reality that is as strong and
certain as the greatest tree or the highest mountain.