They say you are twisted by the sea, / you are cut apart
by wave-break upon wave-break,
/ that you are misshapen
by the sharp rocks,
/ broken by the rasp and after rasp.

Sea surges, and Neptune gallops across our midnight roof,
sliding down to native grasses, evasive weeds, alchemical
hues of dying leaves and chips of wood from a riddled tree.

Loosened from earth’s marly bed, rocks roll to the fringe of
the only road that winds out of the valley over a mountain
although genes may move from one species to another
fairly often, it may be rare that they become a permanent part
of a new genome. Tal Dagan...has estimated their impact by
analyzing hundreds of thousands of genes from microbes.
She estimates that 80% of the genes in any microbe have
been passed
into the next town.