So Saturn has in his story elements of puer, the young man
as rebellious son, and senex, the senile old king jealous of
his authority and monarch of a golden past.

Moved to the side of a fountain's slippery rings, sliding down
water bubbling up, Pan plays on his pipes
a lusty song only
he can hear; while a hammer's hollow blows shock a stand
of Eucalyptus trees, vibrating the candid night air.

I was told by my father, who was not my father, to drive
my two brothers, who were not my brothers, over the
mountain in his rusty pickup truck. The boys sat in the
back, depending on me to get them to their destination
safely, while I knew the truck could not make it up the
hills, nor would the brakes hold.

Dredging up sod and that may be conduits of energy and allow
one to gather information of what lies hours or even days ahead.
Such a direct and vivid perception could indeed be
a truck
dumping stones reminds me of my chronic vision of an
outdated, though glorious, past.