By the river's mirage, the Chumash weather shaman's outfit "consisted in part of white quartz crystals
used for making thunder showers in summer and black rocks for winter rain; these
[items he] kept in
[a] striped fawnskin sack [stored] in [a] dry place." He also carried "steatite pipes with bird-bone mouth-
pieces, small steatite bowls,
[and a] dew-claw rattle."

4 old men and [a] weather shaman sang for 3 nights; during the day [the] singers abstained
from meat, eating only acorn mush and seeds. At [the] end of 3 days [the] rain doctor took
[his] outfit outside and delivered [an] esoteric speech alone. Then he brought rocks in [to
the dwelling] and it rained.

a necessary kit no longer collected
        esoteric words   forgotten
              along with the rain.