Scree of refuse, rolled down to rot. Under the sun
Descartes created litter…he made
the world dead, soulless,
a warm refrigerator door, cliché of a fat rimless tire, slabs
of broken concrete, water pipe pumped dry, detatched, among thirsty weeds.

Garbage has to be
the poem
of our time because garbage is
spiritual, believable.

The Middle Fork rivers of Idaho’s Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness handles 60,000 users days a year. This translates into about 30,000 pounds of
human waste that could be left in the canyon.
  As of July 2013, more than 170 million debris smaller than 1 cm about 670,000 debris 1–10 cm, and around 29,000 larger debris were estimated to be in orbit.