militarized dunes: About 15 miles west of Alamogordo, the world's largest inland outcropping of pure gypsum stretches along the eastern portion of White Sands Missile Range. "Defense spending has kept New Mexico from drying up and blowing away," said Sylvia Chavez Long, aide to Rep. Manuel Lujan Jr., and an official with the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce." (Morrissey, l987)

zombic: "In Haiti, writes C.H. Dewusme...'The Zombi is a dead person whom the sorcerer has taken from the tomb in order to make him, by means of magical powers, seem a living person, a walking cadaver.' The soul of the corpse is sucked from the victim then blown into a bottle 'which (the sorcerer) immediately stops up.'" (Tondriau and Villeneuve,1968)

Seven Deadly Sins: "Essentially the Matador missile is designed so that it can be broken into seven components to facilitate packing and shipping. Moreover, all these various sections are interchangeable..." (Burgess,1957)

beast whose shadow: "Beast" is slang for missile. "Shadow is what moves us to our worst moments, our hatred of others, our blind detestation of otherwise innocuous ideas, our fear and loathing of other nations, political parties, or religions." (Boer,1982)

Matador:  In 1954 the TM-61A Matador became the Air Force's first operational cruise missile; however, the weapon was notorious for its unreliable guidance system. "The notion of human control and where, how and when it is exercised is a fundamental concern in the (Andalusion) culture. To be fully civilized is to be in control of one's self, in control of one's life and in control of one's environment." (Marvin,1988)

teeth clenched: "The matador 'wants to get his teeth into the cause of social injustices in his region not in order to remedy them but to benefit from them himself in the spirit of revenge.'" (Ibid.)

light suit: "someone dressed in the suit of light, a symbol of the 'truly male' male, that person of necessity is regarded as a man and the public's expectation of that person is that he is a man. It is significant that a commentator has written in the context of women as performers that the torero 'was a man, is a man and will be a man,' even though a woman (or homosexual) performs the role." (Ibid.)

pawing: P(owered) A(ll) the W(ay) "a tyranny in which psychological events have been politicized and the unacknowledged fears of power-obsessed men have been the hidden motive force of what has passed as the 'real' world of politics." (Keen,1986)

tone: Major Thomas Ferebee, bombardier who dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, "mentioned to the radio operator to give the final warning. A continuous tone signal went out, telling (the escort planes): 'In fifteen seconds she goes.'" (Rhodes,1988). New Mexico was the fifth highest per capita recipient of federal defense spending..." (Spice and Morressey,1989)