little mounds: "I crave so a little piece of earth, a testimony that I too had a mother, that this planet is mine too, so the salt of my tears on that little mound might make me part of the whole scheme of things." (Leitner,1978)

Moloch's: "The god Moloch received the children in his arms in a particular way. His statue was not only a molten image, but practically a furnace that could be heated from the inside. The children were placed into the glowing arms of this furnace-idol. The Old Testament laws had to prohibit again and again the burnt offering of children...which is an obvious symptom that the propensity to do such sacrifice was an old actual custom that could not be stamped out easily." (Thass-Thienemann,1973)

phosphorescent: "When I was a little boy I was told that when people died and were cremated, they burned with a blue phosphorescent flame..." (Lifton,1967). "The corpse lying on its back on the road had been killed immediately when the A-Bomb was dropped. Its head was lifted to the sky and the fingers were burning with blue flames...This hand must have embraced a child before." (Takakura,1977)

inaccessible: "one predisposition can be detected that recurs repeatedly. This is that prehistoric man did not consider the caverns as an edifice to be decorated: secret signs and figurations are placed in positions that are extremely difficult of access and at the uttermost end of the caves, where the walls narrow to a crack. In these cases it is clear that prehistoric man was more anxious to hide his artistic creations than to expose them." (Giedion,1960)

This museum's: Founded in 1963, in 1970 the Museum and Science Hall was dedicated to the laboratory's second director, Norris E. Bradbury, who retired that year. After a major renovation, in 1981 the Bradbury Science Museum assumed its present form.

afterbodies: Tailward portion of a missile is its "afterbody." On display is a AGM-86B air-to-surface cruise missile. Until decommissioned in late 1982, the AGM-86B carried a W-80 nuclear warhead developed at Los Alamos.

digitized: The guidance system of a cruise missile "operates on the bold assumption that any location on the earth's land surface is uniquely defined by vertical contours, such as hills and trees, of the terrain. Stored within the computer are digital maps which display these contours at various places along the missile's preplanned flight path." (Newhouse,1989)

mind's mathematics: "In its root sense the mathematical means the projection, in advance of the appearance of things, of precisely how those things are to appear." (Romanyshyn,1989)

Promethean: "Model-making is Promethean when it pretends to render the psyche in the form of dayworld objects such as maps, machines, houses, icebergs, (nuclear weapons)...As the original interpreter of dreams, (Prometheus) represents that in us which seeks the measure of the immeasurable..." (Hersh,1982) Prometheus is also "He who thinks in advance."

Necessity: "We may quote here Jacques Soustelle's well-known remark of May, 1960, in reference to the atomic bomb. It expresses the deep feeling of us all: 'Since it was possible, it was necessary.' Really a master phrase for all technological evolution." (Ellul,1964)

hibakusha: Japanese survivors of the atomic bombs.