an aardvark: "unrelated to any present-day animal, the Aardvark (Orycteropus Afer), the last survivor of a 60 million years old family of mammals, is an outsider in the zoological system." (O'Leary & Paulet,1965)

painted on a wall: Steel's Shelter is located along a 750-mile escarpment in east South Africa. At  Site 19, "at bottom left the odd little black animal is probably an example of Bushman child-art." (Willcox,1960. Color Pl.37)

Anteater of the air: The F-111 Aardvark, designed under the doctrine of Massive (nuclear) Retaliation, was the attempt the Kennedy Administration's Secretary of Defense, Robert Strange McNamara, made to develop a high-performance aircraft that could carry out various missions for both the Air Force and Navy. The overall concept proved to be a failure.

wings swept back: In the original design of the TFX's (F-111) Stable Variable Sweep Wing, the pivot point was inside the fuselage, which shifted the longitudinal stability with each angle of sweep. NASA engineers made the breakthrough by moving the point of pivot outside the body.

Southeast Asia: Originally designed to deliver nuclear bombs, the Aardvark was used in the Vietnam War with, at first, mainly negative results because of its underpowered engines, a condition later corrected.

Libyan desert: On order from President Ronald Reagan, on April l5, 1986, under code name Operation Eldorado Canyon, 24 F-111Ds of the U S. 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, based at Lackenheath, England, raided Libya. Several civilians, including at least one child, were killed. One F-111 was shot down.

new stars: "Horseback in Libya with Bow.Hunting Old Stone Age by/new star/(covered with fur or not.)" (M. McClure. From, "The Skull")

a pig: In 1386 the tribunal of Falaise condemned a pig to be tortured and then hanged for having mangled a child who later died. The pig was dressed in a man's clothes, then executed in public. The hangman was paid ten sous and ten deniers, plus a pair of pigskin gloves.

intelligent eyes: "The men threw themselves on (the pig). For a moment he was invisible beneath the heap of men, and he lay still. I could see one of his eyes. The pig has intelligent eyes, and his fear was now intelligent." (Berger,1979)

the unit:The 27th Tactical Fighter Wing, stationed at Cannon AFB, Clovis, NM, is the only wing in the Air Force presently equipped with the "D" model F-111.

the award: Cannon AFB is a recipient of the prestigious Commander-in-Chief's Award for Installation Excellence.

cryptic swords: "The shape of the shafts of the important flags that traditionally flank the sword of (Saint James the Great) in ground-paintings (and the sword of the master-of-ceremonies in vodun dancing) extend a little-noted accent of militaristic assertion. The flags' shafts reverse the S-curved saber's handguard; they are cryptic swords of cloth..." (Thompson,1984)

calmly observing: "Just as I noticed that an aeroplane was flying overhead, an alert sounded. I wasn't thinking much about it, but something was falling from that aeroplane and I was watching." (Nakajima,1959). "Such calm can be read as a sign of the way that the Bomb has been neutralized in the minds of our children and transformed into just another weapon. This neutralization may well have begun with the first Star Wars film in which a child could see an entire world destroyed without any noticeable disruption in the lives of the story's heroes." (Soloman,1988)