Long snout snake-like tongue ears of a donkey a camel's hump kangaroo tail tubular teeth of a shark, claws of a bear probing mysterious roots. "A little something for every zoologist." An aardvark? painted on a wall.


Anteater of the air, B-43 bombs; one M-61 gun, SCAMS in its belly, a 200-kiloton head, wings swept back outside its body, sorties from Southeast Asia to the Libyan desert where new stars hunt in the skin of the old.


What is the meaning of a picture of yourself in the image of a pig whose appetite turned an inquisitive child into a pail of slops? Penned and tortured the swine was hung dressed as a man in formal attire: clean white shirt, red tie pulled into a fatal knot, sunglasses hiding intelligent eyes from the conscience of the bloodthirsty crowd.


Flags fly: one for a nation, one for a state, the unit, the award, "cryptic swords of cloth" raised to a Thinker calmly observing what his mind conscientiously destroys.