monstrous: "When I came in this game (of fractal shapes), there was a total absence of intuition. One had to create an intuition from scratch. Intuition as it was trained by the usual tools--the hand, the pencil, and the ruler--found these shapes quite monstrous and pathological." (Mandelbrot,1987)

plow: On December 8, l953, a few months after the Soviet Union tested its first hydrogen bomb, President Dwight Eisenhower delivered his "Atoms for Peace" proposal to the United Nations. Included in this endeavor was the short-lived Plowshare Program, of which, on December 10, l961, twenty-five miles southwest of Carlsbad, NM, Operation Gnome became "the first atomic blast designed for peaceful purposes." (Lawrence,l961) "

twice-born: Conventional explosives above ground were set to fire five minutes after the A-blast; instead, they went off a moment after the shock. "Vapors seep from earth, the dusk explores its issues in the grass,/and matter forms conspiringly as if it had a will." (B. Jordan. From "Branching.")

instruments: The shock wave traveled "at 20,000 feet per second along extremely hard strata as much as 10 miles deep. A second wave, traveling deep in loose layers of the earth's crust at approximately 10,000 feet per second, was recorded on the seismograph (near Iselta, NM.) 53.8 seconds later." (Brashear,1961)

adorned: In Carlsbad, "Christmas tree ornaments swayed in one home. A lunchbox rattled on a kitchen table. A small totem pole swayed slightly, and persons with elbows on tables felt the bump." (Lawrence,1961)

ooze: "Some l0,000 roentgens of radioactivity--about l,000 times the amount needed for a lethal dose if absorbed--boiled to the surface of the shaft. It floated on white vapor a minute after a double-barreled explosion, above and below ground..." (Ibid.)

Maginot Line: A bulwark of concrete and steel fortifications built by France to discourage invasion by Nazi Germany. However, there were large gaps to the north and south, through which the German Army rolled with little resistance.

administrators: One derivation of "gnome" is from the ancient German Kuba-Walda, "home administrator." There are of course various other claims, including the Greek Gnosis, "Knowledge."

gaping mouth: "The gaping mouth (of the grotesque body) is related to the image of swallowing, this most ancient symbol of death and destruction." (Bakhtin,1968)

flattened cap: "a gnome without a cap is not a gnome, and he knows it." (Huygen,1977)

Bacon's philosophy: Refers to Francis Bacon (1561-1626). "Knowledge (for which Bacon, when he wrote in Latin, of course used the word scientia) is that which enables us to make nature do our bidding." (Barfield,1965.P.56) "Philosophy will clip an Angel's wings,/Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,/Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine..." (J. Keats. From "Lamia.")

cellular retreats: Abbot Anthony said, 'just as the fish should go back to the sea, so we must return to our cells, lest remaining outside we forget to watch over ourselves internally." (Merton,1960)

lionizes: "Our way through the desert of life or any moment in life is the awakening to it as a desert, the awakening of the beast, that vigil of desire, its greedy paw, hot and sleepless as the sun, fulminating as sulphur, setting the soul on fire." (Hillman,1981)

stars: "In earlier times the gnome was an accepted member of society...But that was when waters were clear and forests virginal, when roads led peacefully from one settlement to another, when the heavens were filled only with birds and stars." (Huygen,1977)