With sparks of dry humor vast spaces enfold the mind in bureaucracies of learning by degrees, sagebrush mentalities, broken arrows and chipped teeth gnawed into prospectors' dogged bones--the desert vents florescence of spiked chthonian inquiries whose passionate God bloodies delicate feet. A morphology shallowly rooted in "I AM" boosting its way up through Science's circuitry.

Small thermonuclear cell lights a whole land mass itself born on a sintering altar of fire, vanishing with all its consonant species. Devilish trick marshaling memories enchanted by spaces they occupy, metalepsis of the inevitable into an image's parody of stability, somersaulting within its frame, clowning about its edges, staging pratfalls in Palomares and near Thule, bombing New Mexico caught in the momentary heat of celebrity.

Flaunting snapshots of devious gadgets flashbulbs burn the retina of History's blind eye, dioramas of convictions held up and out, as the land, under cover of snow, avoids its fading away. What resourcefulness! What bravado! A woman in a man's voice bundled against the frost of dualities mutters counterforce strategies atop a tripod, fire and dust hissing from terrified earth below.

Although nothing catastrophic occurred, decades after it landed empty of megaton cargo, a plane appears to be making peace with the crater it created, with its Bomb For All Seasons fulfilling Light's epiphany:

I carry my ashes with me wherever I go.