After the radiant ash settled into anonymous sand a monkey, a yellow "astrochimp," was launched toward his fiery Self, cowering in cockpit with a hollow reed for air, with banana-flavored rewards for antics of humanized terror.

Naked unadorned metallic taste on tongue in a mouth of unbrushed teeth, hairy panoply masked with the ardent intent of intelligent mutations follow an unlovely scent to a sorcerer's preparations spread over radar-absorbent skin suited to stealthy lustrations?

Bones of body counts fly again, engineered to specifications of another King of Birds, suspended between poles of secularized power; or leaping from towers of blinding ambition, what knowledge gripped in the beak condenses from beaker to violent decision?

Right arm raised, finger extended, uniformed effigy suns himself exposing the physics of Old World mind spinning on its axis like a fading star.