Spidery black scrap-iron cadavers rear-ended by a cow moons over her old man's dismemberment while gathering the fragments of his bullish parts. Phallus, however, having lost its luster, had already been devoured by metastasizing light.

This goddess, underside revealing distended teats from which a sinister milk is drained by lubricous sleights of corporate hands, fashioned a dildo from uncollected myths and conceived a son whose wings spread like the golden horns of a god.

Twenty million tons of uranium mill tailings piled to 100 ft. high by the image of a man poised on a cross, between worlds car horns blasting below, announcing Death's twins through double barreled shotguns, are the lengths to which we go.


Yellowcake dollops, radiant cowpies, excrement of reality, dung of the Golden Calf....
Odorous reminders of a future fertilized with ejecta from the past.


A hazy blue ruff in the San Mateo Range is Tongue Mountain sick from the taste of humanity's waste, lost in obsequies to those build mountains of their own.