Frozen into procedures, a hot pilot's yoked mind force-fed oxygen behind a dark visor, a huge blood-gland pumping bile through computerized circuits, products of long unbroken chains of hi-tech sticks and stones...

Rockeyes' explosive                              motes—

Snakeyes' ruby optics, Walleyes' seeking new targets in Black & white visions from the past...HARMS hunger for microwave ovens, Bullpups pull up short to Sidewinders' birdlike hearts pumping cold neutrons, Sparrows spread their suicidal feathers, and a beautifully plumed Phoenix rises through the heat of its own marrow.

One bird cloned evolves a family of feral hunters emitting a familiar odor: Enchilada Air Force, Corsairs fat on the Captain's machine gun pods bugged with instrumentation planing through a sickened jaundiced sky.