protons: The first unit of the linear particle accelerator at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF) consists of three injector systems, including an H- beam that originates negatively charged protons. (H particles [hydrogen nuclei] was Ernest Rutherford's [1871-1937] initial name for protons.)

cave paintings: "Sir Herbert Read once conjectured that the entire enterprise of picture-making began, not so much out of an attraction to primitive magic, but out of the human need to understand and study the dynamics of process." (Jussim,1985)

turtle's: According to the Kalabari tribe of Nigeria, a supernatural tortoise, "old man of the forest," demolished the world in a dance of destruction. The turtle here (from Hiroshige's Fukagawa Mannenbashi [1857]) was one sold at the foot of the Mannen Bridge in Edo (Tokyo), for release into the water for good luck and longevity.

columns: "The Aioi or 'T' Bridge, which spans the Ota River near the center of (Hiroshima), is generally given as the hypocenter for the atom bomb. There is reason to believe that the bomb actually exploded approximately 50 meters southwest of the Aioi Bridge where Shima Hospital stood, because concrete columns flanking the entrance of this hospital were driven straight into the ground." (Hachiya,1955)

dosojin: Do = earth, female; so = ancestor, male sexual organ. Roadside symbols of fecundity, and protective gods.

ionizing: Pi-mesons (pions), the lightest particles subject to the nuclear strong force, are the "evanescent web between protons and neutrons, binding them together." Their "existence" was predicted by Hideki Yukawa, in 1935, for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1949. Used at LAMPF in experimental cancer therapy, "the pion is a sparsely ionizing particle with a low relative biological effectiveness for damaging normal tissues on the way into the tumor. Only when it forms a 'star' in the tumor does it produce densely ionizing particles with a high RBE (Relative Biological Effectiveness and a favorable OER (Oxygen Enhancement Ratio) for killing anoxic cells." (Close,1987)

a hat drifts: One day, while still a child, Georg Trakl walked into a lake. "He succeeded in getting far enough, before he was noticed, fully to submerge himself in its waters, and it was only the position of his hat, floating on the surface, that enabled rescuers to find him before he drowned." (Firmage.1988). The second stage of the LAMPF accelerator is the drift-tube (Alvarez) unit, four tanks connected in tandem, in which the protons are accelerated to almost half the speed of light.

gargantuan belly: "The basic principle of the machine applies to all technocratic activity--that it should be a multiplication of human power achieved through the separation from the sensuous body. Only something objectively measurable can be multiplied, of course, and so the success of technocracy is necessarily at the expense of whatever cannot be counted, which is to say, sensuousness, values, imagination, and to be sure, nature itself." (Kovel,1983)

Tartarus': The lowest region of Hell, "three times as dark as the darkest night," where Zeus confined the rebellious Titans.

ova: Foreseeing the flooding of the Nile, tortoises bury their eggs in safer, higher places.

hunting: "the age of the hunter, the Palaeolithic, comprises by far the largest part of human history...From this perspective, then, we can understand man's terrifying violence as deriving from the behavior of the predatory animal, whose characteristics he came to acquire in the course of becoming man." (Berkert,1983)