Tubular guts of a labyrinthine machine shatter a world of assumptions, reinforcing the illusion of protons drawn as primordial cave paintings drawn on a dancing turtle's back.

Columns laboriously carried forth like dosojin, driven deep into the ground beam harmlessly through horizons of anatomy, ionizing malignancies that collapse like stars, in the greatness of simple events.

A hat drifts, then seeks its fate in the blue depths of materialized heights, dipped into a children's story of nuclear sprites brewing, pions bubbling to the top, churning gargantuan belly twisted to support achievement's malleable dream.

The iron of spinal ascension is rewarded with the shell of credentials, pet theories fishing the amphibious rivers of tradition, Tartarus' ova buried in higher places.


Downwind hunting familiar odors
in predatory stains of an unfledged
vision, summarily trapped,
methodically clubbed to death.