One Apple: It is said that the Tree of Life grew within the Tree of Knowledge from which Adam and Eve ate, and that they were expelled from the Garden of Eden so as not to give them the opportunity to eat from the inner Tree, thus becoming as immortal as God. But is the inner Tree any different than the outer? Isn't Knowledge the human equivalent of immortality? Manzano: apple tree; Spanish, NM.

born of fire: The Manzano Mountains are located at the southeast corner of the City of Albuquerque. Although uplifted during the late Neogene Period after the great volcanic eruptions in this region, there still must have been volcanic activity all around and beneath these mountains.

stowing weapons: The Kirtland (AFB) Munitions Storage Complex, operational since 1950, is managed by the 3098th Aviation Depot Squadron. Containing over 400 nuclear devices, it is the largest of six national stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

overbaked apple: "When I walked out of Nagasaki's roofless railroad station, I saw a city frizzled like a baked apple, crusted black at the open core..." (Weller,1983)

cooking: Fire "is cookery and it is apocalypse." (Bachelard,1968)

crucible: "The precious cauldron (yu ting) is a cavity in the centre of the brain (between and behind the eyes) and is the seat of (essential) nature, that is the original cavity of spirit..." (Lu, 1980)

wrist: "In the wind-fouled crucible of the splendour/The dirt becomes God./But when will he land/on a man's wrist?" (T. Hughes. From, "The Risen.")

Falcons: The General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon" went into service August 1978. "Few aircraft have been as excitedly received as the F-16, which by sheer engineering excellence and painstaking development is as close to the optimum combat aircraft as it's possible to get in its timescale." (Gunston,1982)

reddening: Re is the ancient Egyptian solar God. He was a falcon-headed man who wore the uraeus (coiled cobra representing instantaneous death) and the sun disk.

crashing: "April 11, 1950, was a warm spring Tuesday evening in Albuquerque. At 9;38 p.m., the 13-member crew of a B-29 bomber was cleared for takeoff from Kirtland...About three minutes after takeoff the B-29 slammed into the Manzano Mountains, six miles south of Central Avenue." (Morrissey,1986). The plane was carrying a Mark IV atomic bomb, with three times the explosive power of the bomb that had destroyed Hiroshima, Japan, five years earlier. Although flames from the accident were visible 15 miles away, there was, apparently, no radioactive contamination.

delicate biota: "With the bullet brow/Of burying himself headfirst and ahead/Of his delicate bones, into the target/Collision." (T. Hughes. From, "And the Falcon Came.")

militant bones: "in the Mabinogion tale called Branwen Daughter of Llyr, (there is) mention of a 'cauldron of rebirth' into which dead bodies were cast and next day arose 'as good fighting men as before...'" (Layard,1975)

fresh core: The Manzano storage site is scheduled to be replaced in 1992 by a 285,000-sq. ft. underground depot. The $43.3 million facility will be located 3 miles southeast of Albuquerque International Airport.