Slurs of superheated words point toward a catastrophe of silence in a room built for interactions measured in the core: rod drop analyses, flux profiles, power calibrations, piles of would-be pencils slowing neutronic thrills.


In the smear of yellow politicized theories students highlight calculations, hard vitrescent bodies modeled on ideals of masculine panoply advance on society's vulnerable positions, human physiography fitted with solid state organs, knee-jerk responses programmed into childhood play, automata amuck as reality churns in a bubbling circuit of blackening schemata, downloading glitches.


Born in the brow of engineers when Athens was still sucking Mother's milk, a mock war curdled with Disneyfied whiffs of Chernobyl, the skill of blending urchinous souls with toy men hunting the illusion of big game Gobots generating mutations of humanoid motivations.

Publicized as "peacekeeping atoms," ping-pong balls poised to say Cheese spring from their mousetraps blasting cause into an orbit of effects.