Sheeps': "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Matthew VII:15)

uremic: "Flood myths frequently represent the flood as urine, thereby revealing their dream origin. (Roheim,1988)

thorium: Thorium 230, with a half-life of eighty thousand years, tends to deposit in the liver, bone marrow, and lymphatic tissue, where it can cause cancer and leukemia.

dam: The dam, owned by United Nuclear Corporation, was built of earth with a clay core, twenty-five feet high X thirty feet wide. At the time it broke it was retaining a load more than two feet higher than allowed for in its design.

downstream: "In the early morning of July l6, 1979--fourteen weeks after the accident at Three Mile Island...the dam at Church Rock burst, sending eleven hundred tons of radioactive mill wastes and ninety million gallons of contaminated liquid pouring (down the Rio Puerco) toward Arizona." (Wasserman & Solomon,1982)

glyphs: This glyph is allegedly the sign for water on Neolithic vases. It is also the oldest Egyptian hieroglyph for flowing water, and the Aztec sign for water (when adorned with foam or sea shells) and sometimes blood.

Kweo Kachina: Hopi Wolf Kachina. blue "The highest boon would be to understand that all facts are already theory. The blue of the sky reveals to us the basic chromatic laws. If we would only stop looking for things behind the phenomena; they themselves are the theory." (Goethe,1971). A side dancer who appears with Deer and Antelope, calling forth the Hopi urge for elaboration.

liquored: "Liquor" is a term used for liquid waste from the milling of uranium ore.

falling: "It's easier to slip down than to climb up. But falling--what creation within our existence--creation, exodus, darkness, hell, Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the plague, AIDS..." (Nedjar,1990)

distance: "For whatever we do today in physics--whether we release energy processes that ordinarily go on only in the sun...or disperse radioactive particles, created by us through the use of cosmic radiation, on the earth--we always handle nature from a point in the universe outside of earth." (Arendt,1958)

Clouds: "The cloud-mask and the conception of the dead to which it relates, the cloud-people, are highly aitherialised forms...To the Greeks aither, which means blazing, was an acceptable home for the departed spirits. To the Pueblos, water rather than fire represents the purest essence of the heavens and the likely transfiguration of the dead." (Tyler,1964)

feral: "The market of Argos stood under the protection of Apollo, worshipped here as 'Lykeios,' a name which was taken to mean 'wolf-like,' in this context Sophocles calls him 'wolf-killer'..." (Burkert,1983)