Desire's fantasy: "Desire 'travels,' moves from one representation to another. This movement is destructive in two ways. First of all, images are constantly being abandoned for other images; secondly, the entire movement is generated by the need to get rid of the irritating lack of desire, to replace the emptiness in even more ecstatic fantasy by the imaginary plentitude of satisfaction." (Bersani,1977)

unleashing: "I finally unleash your metallic bridle...You launch yourself,/intoxicatingly, into the liberating Infinite!" (E. Marinetti. From, "To the Automobile.")

Pegasus: This winged horse, born of Medusa's blood, is also the child of Poseidon, "Master of Horses," as well as sea and ships. "The tendency of Greek thinking to stress the affinities between ship and horse and between ship's equipment and harness, makes the comparisons all the more natural." (Detienne,1981). As ship, Poseidon is a class of nuclear submarine; as "ship's equipment," he is a nuclear missile.

love gasoline: Marcel Duchamp, "The Bridge Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass)," as elucidated by notes in his Green Box. "'the Bride is a tank of love gasoline or timid power'...The other name for this timid power is automobile: love gasoline...The essence both in the chemico-physiological and the ontological meaning of the word, is desire." (Paz,1978)

prime ribs: The Gods always demand the choice part of the kill.

burnt offerings: Rocket Lounge is located in Alamogordo, NM. With reference to the first test of an Atomic Bomb, 65 miles to the northwest, "Alamogordo could be the altar on which the whole earth was set up as a burnt offering." (Charlton,1986).

magenta: The Battle of Magenta (Italy), fought between the Austrian Army and Franco-Sardinian troops, took place on June 4, 1859. Because it was so bloody, magenta, a red dye discovered soon after the battle, was named after the town.

scientific minds: "the technical language of the rocket specialist and future space navigation, born in the chaos of war, is shot through with German." (Jungk,1954)

whispered: "In March 1944, the director of engineering of Peenemuende, Professor von Braun, and two of his leading men were put in jail by the German Gestapo because they had thought and talked too much about space travel and not about the rocket as a weapon." (Dornberger,1964)

mischievous shadow: "is the virgin's mischievous tendency to threaten and wound her own shadow? Or is the shadow already contained in the virgin's own innocence and sweetness?" (Moore,1982)

timid life: "You run in me/a tang of salt in the creek waters of my blood, you sing in my mind like wine. What you/did not dare in your life you dare in mine." (M. Piercy. From, "My Mother's Body.")

leading down: Hades, "underworldly brother of Zeus," drives "his horses out of the gaping earth in heroic style. He lifts the girl into his chariot and takes his ravished bride on a long journey over the earth before turning back to his subterranean realm." (C. Kerenyi,1977)