sallow man: Harry Gold was "A pudgy, sad-faced little man," and a spy for the Soviet Union. "About him, the federal prosecutor had said: 'Harry Gold, who furnished the absolute corroboration of the testimony of (David and Ruth Greenglass), forged the necessary link in the chain that points indisputably to the guilt of (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg).'" (Schneir & Schneir,1983)

Jell-O: "At the (Rosenberg's) trial, despite the addition of a number of other espionage allegations, the events of June 3, 1945, formed the core of the government's case. The matching pieces of a jello box as a means of identification is today one of the best-known cloak-and-dagger episodes of history." (Ibid.)

tender blossoms: When her husband joined her in Sing Sing prison, where they would both await their execution, Ethel Rosenberg wrote: My dearest husband, what heaven and what hell to welcome you to monotonous days and joyless nights, to endless desire and endless denial. And yet here shall we plight our troth anew, here held fast by brick and concrete and steel shall our love put forth gripping root and tender blossom..." (Hyde,1980). The couple was electrocuted on June 19, 1953, one day after their fourteenth wedding anniversary.

kitchen: Harry Gold and David Greenglass met at 209 High Street, Albuquerque, Apt. 4.

caricature: In an affidavit, physicist Philip Morrison, who had worked on the plutonium bomb at Los Alamos, called the sketch of high-explosive lens molds David Greenglass (then an Army corporal assigned to the Los Alamos Technical Area) gave to Harry Gold a "caricature." The casing for this bomb, known as Fat Man when it was dropped on Nagasaki, "looks like a cartoonist's idea of a bomb. It's a gross bulbous monster with a ridiculous little tailfin." (Powers,1984)

envisioned: "It all starts with that devilishly creative act of imagining something which is infinitely destructive. Then they go to Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan and say, 'Here's this thing. do you want it?' The answer is invariably, you bet we do!" (Taylor,1987)

clock: "'Fatman,' said Atlas, 'you are a faithless son of clocks and buzzers...Your mother is not the ocean, your father has not the sun in his heart, you do not know the smell of the earth, your blood is not your own; it is taken from armies.'" (Merton,l964)

cockroaches: The female cockroach secretes a chemical (pheromone) that attracts male roaches. The CIA had an inspiration to use pheromone for tracking suspected spies. The suspect would be unknowingly stained with the attractant, in order to be positively identified later, caught in the act of espionage by the roaches stampeding toward him.

enemy's heart: "when you defeat an enemy you are required to eat his heart. In this way is your victory recorded with the Gods...You consume the heart of your enemy so that it can no longer be said of him that he exists--except as he exists in you." (Doctorow,1971)