feathered garb: "Tim and Kim and Don and I were talking about/what an awful authoritarian garb Doctors/and Nurses wear, really, how spooky it is./'What should they wear?' --'Masks and Feathers!'" (G. Snyder. From, "The Blue Sky."

roadrunners: Geococoyx californious is the State Bird of New Mexico. "Few brains, topped/by a crown--/And a flair for swift in-fighting--" (P. Whalen. From, "The Road-Runner.").

lung-gom-pa: Tibetan "trance walkers" who are able to travel vast distances without tiring. "Beginners in the art of lung-gom are often advised to fix their mind not only on a mentally visualized object, namely the aim towards which they want to move, but to keep their eyes fixed on a particular star, which in some cases seems to produce a hypnotic effect." (Govinda,1970)

attention trained: The TRANSCOM system is a "Two-way digital communication system (that) combines navigation, telecommunication, and computer network technologies to monitor the movement of DOE (Department of Energy) shipments in near real time." (Fact Sheet, DOE.)

naturally good: The Cowboy, in pulp novels, was drawn to be "naturally good, sound to the core, though he may appear unruly and devilish on the surface." He also had "a natural understanding of world affairs." (Dessain,1970)

routes: U.S.60 and U.S.54 meet at Vaughn, where they continue south as U.S.285, heading for the 10,240-acre WIPP site east of Carlsbad.

Cross and Pentagon: "The pueblo Indians of New Mexico gave special religious significance to the (roadrunner). His tracks, resembling a Maltese Cross, with two toes forward and two toes backward, were duplicated by mourners on the ground around a dead body in order to mislead any evil spirits that might try to follow the departed soul." (Douglas,1984). In 1540 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led an army of Spaniards, several hundred Indians, and assorted folk, into New Mexico in search of gold. Along with them trooped a contingent of Franciscan friars, setting forth to save heathen souls "from hell in the hereafter, even if to do so required a taste of hell in the present." (Wellman,1954)

mercurial god: "Jung sensed the inherent opposition between Christianism and the underworld and attempted to darken the figure of Christ with Hermes-Mercurius. He did not go as far as Hades, but he did place Hermes-Mercurius as archetype of the unconscious in opposition to Christ as archetype of the upperworld's consciousness. His choice of Hermes-Mercurius as the darkener, as the psychopomp to the underworld, echoes the Homeric hymn to Hermes, where this God is 'thge only recognized messenger to Hades,' as he is Briger of Dreams." (Hillman,1979)

truck: The SSTs (Safe-Secure Trailer) that will carry three TRUPACTs (TRansUranic PACaging Transporter) that will be used to ship waste to the WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) located near Carlsbad, NM. The planned fleet will consist of 17 trailers. Current estimates call for over 15,000 shipments from around the country to pass through New Mexico for 25 years.

coffins: Slang for containers that transport nuclear waste.

trains don't stop: "Railroads built (Vaughn) and, with some bitterness, are accused of nearly killing it. The Santa Fe and the Southern Pacific intersect here, but the last depot was shut down two or three years ago." (Thompson,1988)