Hekate: "Queen of the dead," Hekate would appear with her pack of hounds "at crossroads, tombs, and scenes of crime."

wired: "We are not yet mentally equipped to deal with electricity on its own terms. We still apply to it metaphors and principles of fragmentation, specialization, and causality which we have derived from the phonetic alphabet and the printing press." (Kerckhove,1984)

jars: The drums "are comparable to ollas, or water jars, which they often resemble in shape, although numerous fetish jars have peculiar shapes to conform with special needs or interpretations." (Kirk,1988)

drums: Each TRUPACT-II (TRansUranic PACaging Transporter), used to ship radioactive wastes from around the country to WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant), near Carlsbad, New Mexico, can accommodate up to fourteen 55-gallon drums.

feeding holes: "Most of the jars are distinctive in that a hole from one to about four inches in diameter appears in one side of the jar, and the designs have been worked so this hole becomes an integral part of the pattern. This is the 'feeding' hole..." (Ibid.)

bitter love: "Bitter love is a salt cure, curing the tender soul, with tears, recriminations, and finally, some sort of stabilized pattern." (Hillman,1982)

inhaled: "Unlike other kinds of radiation, the alpha particles (plutonium) generates travel only inches and cannot penetrate skin or a sheet of paper. But if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed into the bloodstream through a cut, an amount as small as one-millionth of a gram can cause cancer." (McCutcheon,1989). It is estimated that each 55-gallon drum shipped to WIPP will contain more than 15 grams of plutonium.

cave: WIPP is a 10,240-acre site of salt beds nearly 3000 ft. thick, gouged out in order to store 900,000 drums of radioactive and other hazardous wastes. The theory is that the salt will slowly flow, eventually encapsulating the drums in stabilized "rock."

domestic: "there is a domestic scene, a scene of interiority, a private space-time (correlative, moreover, to a public space). The oppositions subject/object and public/private were still meaningful." (Baudrillard,1983)

domes: "A young and careless man dreams of visiting C.G. Jung in his house, which turns out to be a laboratory in a huge salt-dome where the wizened Jung explains how he works on making salt." (Hillman,1982)

distance: "The word 'television' in the resurrected Cornish tongue is "Pellwrlok,' which means 'seeing at a distance.' (Romanyshyn,1989)

Here we unearth: "It's the year 3988...Some things haven't changed. For example, humankind still uses oil for many purposes. To get oil you still must drill underground...One of the sites you explore is a desert area about 26 miles southeast of the ancient city of Carlsbad...Your crew begins to drill. About 3,000 feet down, the drill encounters brine." (Staats,1988).

black belly: "...thanatos, the black belly/That eats birthdays./I do not give you thanatos. I bring you a word to call Him/Thanatos, devourer of young men, heart-biter, bones-licker." (J. Spicer. From, "Five Words for Joe Dunn on His 22nd Birthday.")