A Month in the Country



I am driven down green tunnels. This road is a stone throat,
The darkness bleeding.
Cold between stars drives me to the forest of bones.
Leaves wet my mouth, skin cracks like bark
And bare feet against rock and earth.
A fox screeches, wraps his startled
Breath into one concentrated
Bite of being.

I am driven down green tunnels, my body spun
In a metal tube ploughing clouds condensing
Drop by drop, until eyes and teeth are
Stained with the ground below.

I am driven down green tunnels, past Immigration,
Customs, and grey guardians of the Other World,
Whose cities have petrified forests
And endless waters.

I am driven down green tunnels until you catch me with the body
Of your soul. We are laced together, a life-raft floating
Amongst trees, sipping oxygen from the rain.