The modern painter prepares the canvas onto which pigments will be applied; while the primal artist used nature's surfaces. Here we may also see under ordinary atmospheric conditions a liquid drop will flatten out on impact, splay sideways, and also raise a tiara-like crown of splash droplets. Remove some of the ambient atmosphere, and surprisingly the splash becomes one of the differences between Western allopathic medicine and tribal healing practices. The former refines its pharmacology, usually from natural substances; while the latter sees health as being in harmony with natural substances in situ. The path in is the path out even when entrance and exit lie in opposite directions.

In the late 18th Century, when the first White explorers arrived
in Western Oregon, more than 20 languages were spoken
by the indigenous peoples.

On the trail today, boots sink into earth imagining itself as it once was: a hue of nostalgia, against which trees wear bright green coats. While the ecosystem struggles with swarms of invasive species, there are fresh signs that native biota are being re-established.

An uprooted tree,
half-petrified, looks

In my last dream of the night I am visiting Pablo Picasso's villa. Sitting by its ornately-carved wooden door is a silent boy.
We walk past him into a large gloomy room with large paintings and heavy furniture. While I look around, I hear my companion talking to someone in another room. To his question, "Where's Picasso?"
a woman's voice replies, "Anywhere he wants to be."