When Alberto Giacometti said he planned to make portraiture his life's work, André Breton, the patriarch of surrealism, said,
"A head. Everybody knows what a head is!"
But the painter knew that perception is a mystery, and that most people couch themselves in predictable sight, to hide from
the shadow of what they fail to see.

It looks like there are photons and these other particles,
but they might really be manifestations, projections, from
a higher-dimensional space, of objects that are more conveniently described in our world by saying, ‘There is
a photon,’ or ‘There is a gluton.’

Astrology, alchemistry, tarot cards can't conjure it; religion can't subsume it, or philosophy puzzle it out. How can we say who we are, or who we are not, when in these areas Artemis, goddess associated with dampness, and Poseidon, the master of underground waters, are particularly often found. Other parts of the plains and valleys are home to the cult of Demeter, the goddess associated with the fertility of the soul and vegetation. In the mountains, the only difference between the ordinary and extra- ordinary is that the latter is haunted?

One's path begins with separation: we breathe, but cannot yet say, "I am." As neurons ascend to inspire a mind they sacrifice millions of their kind. So that, by the end of one's life, who I am includes everyone I could have been.

On the trail—
as I greet a runner,
a robin hops away.

Even haiku tend to say too much. Those that live the longest
say the least; as the less said, the more that's read later on.