I once dreamed of my father's ring, and awoke to the DNA of more than 4,000 samples of nine flowering plant species from Svalbard, a group of islands between the Scandinavian mainland and the North Pole. They said they found genetic patterns that begin to search for it, knowing memories are stretched in all directions.

In summer, a water-
fall is a small drum.

Drums pummel tympanic membranes malleus upon incus spiraling down damp labyrinthine canals. On a Sami drum
is drawn how missionary zeal infused a mixture of natural
and supernatural spirits and gods—

About the middle of the Drum, they draw several Lines, quite cross, upon which they paint those of their Gods, that are most reverenced among them, viz. Thor the supreme Ruler of the rest, with his Attendance; then Storjunkare with his: these are placed on the Top of the first Line. Then they make another Line parallel to the former, but reaching only half cross the Drum; here they place the Picture of Christ and his Apostles. All the Figures above these Lines, representing Birds, Stars or the Moon. Below them, in the Center of the Drum, stands the Sun, as the middlemost of the Planets, upon which they put the Bundle of Brazen Rings as often as they intend to beat the Drum. Under the Sun they place the terrestrial Things, and various Sorts of living Creatures; such as Bears, Wolves, Reindeer, Otters, Foxes and Serpents; as likewise Marshes, Lakes, Rivers and such.

Last night I dreamed that a chorus of winds disinterred bones on The Steppes of Asia, and saw my skeletal hands clinging to
a pitted patriarchal ring.