Though rock and stone are sometimes used interchangeably [a diamond is a "stone," but may also be a "rock"], we do not lay "stepping rocks," or build stone gardens, nor are there stone climbers. Each bears its own animal of expressions.

Rocks are raw and wild. Worked by human imagination, stones are the playful and pliable progeny of rocks. On Gothic cathedrals, John Sallis says that stone "is made to forswear its ancient heaviness, made to ascend at the frontiers of our knowledge, at the border which separates our knowledge from our ignorance and transforms the one into the other. Only in this manner are we resolved to write as if it were shear lightness and grace." Restless and creative, a few stones gallup away, but most remain present in their parent's shadow. Drawing upon a deep metamorphic tradition, rocks ground a lighter metaphoric one too.

Rocks are kernels of energy; the generation of rock from energy is like the body's arterial system producing nails and teeth...
      The earth has the famous mountains as its are its bones.

Ponderous Old Man of the Mountain meets lightfooted young man on a quest. The style of old age, and the avant gardewhat we learn and what we create anewexchange images and the provenance of enchantment.

A pageant of origins,
a puzzle of you standing on a ridge
looking for the lost Way of Stones.

Is what's been lost worth finding? Or do we value the antediluvial because we don't know how to control the monsters we've let loose, hoping Antiquity will teach us the wisdom we have forgotten? Each insight into nature is a clue to what can never be wholly figured out.